Give me your email address and I'll send you my free ebook of popular affirmations, "True Affirmations", instantly. Go through the book and any affirmation that "feels" right to you - try it out. Say it over and over and over and even if you think it's not working - it is.


True Affirmations Free Book
True Affirmations

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Maureen ShawAlso, every week or so, I'll send you a brand new affirmation by email. You can quit anytime if you don't find them helpful. These are totally free and will be delivered to your emailbox. No funny business - I'm giving back for all I've achieved. I promise to never share, sell or even let anyone peek at your email address!

Have you wanted to make changes to yourself, your relationship, your financial position, your job, your children or anything else that still hurts from the past?

Do it now!

Positive thoughts and positive affirmations WILL change your life - you don't even have to believe in it, you only have to believe that the change is what you want.

May the best of your life start today!

Having a positive mindset is the most important factor to succee and happiness there is.

Reciting positive phrases about what you'd like to see in your life or changes you wnat to make is all it takes. I'm serious!

"I always know the right thing to do in every moment."

"I learn and recall names easily."

"I love to exercise; I crave it every day."

"I am in perfect health."

"I am calm and relaxed."

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